Sunday, December 2, 2012

Projections this Friday, december 7 at Bbig Fforever, chicago

Thanks to all y'all who came out on Friday
for the benefit show for my girl, Karina Natis. , hopefully these two benefit shows will give a nice padding for the medical bills.

This is a show for the Giant Squid Autopsy cassette release, put out on NSO.
I am showing some new projections. drone videoz

It takes place at Big Forever in Humboldt Park .

(this next part is taken from the fb event page)

It is an event happening all around BIG FOREVER on friday, december 7

featuring performances by


and projections by


 $5 admission
$5 for the new giant squid autopsy tape

enter through the back and pass through zones of bodily awareness and bodily aloofness

feel heavy
feel light
feel it

we'll bring the food and drinks

 you bring the bodies


big forever

Saturday, April 21, 2012

playing shows with n colyar p

lootapes is showing projections with the lovely and talented nathan pruitt. i am watching him dub tapes for his new release right now. you can check him out at here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mini Tour to come

we are heading back to Chicago and are looking to book a mini tour

April 23 -Taos, NM Historic Taos Inn, Open Mic
April 26- Denver - RALPH GEAN and friends at Rhinoceropolis 3553 Brighton Blvd.
April 27- Denver noise fest with n colyar p 7:45 pm
                                            with battleship (chicago)10:45
                                            Old Curtis Street 2100 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80203
April 28-Denver noise fest  Old Curtis Street 2100 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80203
April 29- Denver (not confirmed)
April 30- Fort Collins (need help)
May01 (need help)
May 02 (need help)
May 03 (need help
May 04 Kansas City or lincoln (need help)
May 05 -with n colyar p Omaha, NE Cinco de Mayo Party
May 06 kansas city or STL (need help)
May 07 Normal, IL  (not confirmed)
May 08 Madison, WI
May 09 Madison, WI
May 10 Madison, WI

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

synchro studios, albuquerque

this is our second show in albuquerque, NM. we are very excited for this fun night of variety with art, music, and is at the synchro studios at 512b yale. starts at 6pm, we play around 10:30 P.m.