Wednesday, February 23, 2011

lootapes release 003, Meester Magpie

lootapes is coming out with our third release and boy are we excited. Meester Magpie played the siegler gallery back in the summer of 2010. the performance was inside the installation built by rachael oflynn. it is sixty minutes long also featuring darcy fangi, sarah marie coogan, digital edge, and john ziemba.
come to the spring break show and see lootapes twirl projections. all three releases will be available for sale. nude sunrise, billy crystal meth, CMI, and meester magpie will all play.

show is march 3, 2011 at the observatory, 3036 n lincoln #4. above the antique center

lootapes at beauty bar monday!

lootapes will be spinning some projections monday at the beauty bar with battleship! come out and zone out. its free.