Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lootapes, Ncolyarp, and Wish Fufillment. TOUCH OF COLD TOUR

We are heading out on a Midwest tour. We are looking for some help with some dates too! Please support and come out shows! We are so stoked.

January 31- Milwaukee , wi

fEBRAURY 01-Milwaukee- The Borg Ward

HYRROKIN- Insane jazzy mathy noisy rock music from OH

N COLYAR P- Chicago droooooones

WISH FULFILLMENT- Synth vs. Sampler compositions. From Chicago

CAPTIVITY- Bi-annual appearance from the heavy as fuck guitar drone duo. Members of Northless.

LUCKY BONE- Tape manipulations of all varieties.

SLOW OWLS- 1/2 ofd mildew, lo-fi garbage in the most beautiful sense


$6.00//All Ages

fEBRAURY 02- Madison, wi-- The Willy Street Pub Williamson Street. w.loop retard


fEBRAURY 04- Kansas City, MO  Satan's Aid Bath-W/  Harrow 95,  jason zeh

fEBRAURY 05- day off-columbia

fEBRAURY 06 STL - at mushmaus w/the druids

fEBRAURY 07 Normal, IL @Magic Waters 
Jeremy Ross Armstrong - central illinois standard, guitarist

Yahoo! News - rockford/normal collab, improv noise strange music

Trace Armstrong - local musician

fEBRAURY 08- day off   /need help

fEBRAURY 09 thee  death tower, champaign, il with planet farm, tiger toes

fEBRAURY 10 the black lodge, kalamazoo, mi

fEBRAURY 11  CHICAGO- salanathon at beauty bar, a special love collab. ncoyarp and lootapes